Compass Points to Ponder

During the development of “The Compass Approach” book a list of questions were developed at the end of each chapter to help the reader reflect on how the material in the chapter would relate to their business.  Over 200 questions were developed during the writing of the book. A sampling by key chapters are included below.



Chapter 1 – The Compass Approach – Think Direction

  1. Which area s in your business are not functioning as well as desired?
  2. Have you built consensus with your executive or management team as the strengths and opportunity areas for the business?
  3. What type of action plans have you set up to address these business issues?
  4. If you have not created action plans, then why not? 🙂

Chapter 4 – Strategy is Business Thinking

  1. How can you provide the leadership that your business requires for its success?
  2. What type of business plan have you developed that has been actionable and successful?
  3. On what issues do your employees look for you for direction and reinforcement?

Chapter 13 – Successfully Changing and Developing New Habits

  1. What Habits do you need to be successful?
  2. What habits should you try to break?
  3. How do you develop strategies to overcome employee’s concerns about fear and conflict when embracing organizational goals?

More to come…………