Confidential Business Plan Review

Achieving Growth and the Performance You Want for Your Business


There is great benefit to discussing current performance and plans with a 3rd party to get an objective review of your business’ key accomplishments and short comings. This will help you work to refine key goals, mitigate risks and build for the future. The following are several questions that you should take into consideration when developing your 2019 business plan:

• How effectively did your business achieved the goals that were established for the year?
• Did you achieve or exceed your desired level of profitability? Will your business model be sustainable in future years?
• Are you building your business value at the pace that you want? Have you developed an updated plan for 2019?
• Is your team functioning at the level that you need to achieve next year’s plan?
• How do you ensure that your people, systems and processes are reflective of how your company needs to operate in current markets and economic conditions?
• What have you done to develop and maintained enough organizational depth and cross training to ensure effective operations in the event of key employees leaving?
• Where have you established strong partnerships with your customers and suppliers?
• How have you defined or identified the next big offering is to help you remain competitive in the markets you operate in? How are you developing this opportunity?
• How are you addressing potential liabilities that may not affect you today but can in the future?

Headway Strategies Consulting is offering a complimentary initial discussion on your current performance and future plans to a select number of businesses on Boston’s North Shore. In addition to this discussion you will receive a copy of Headway Strategies’ “The Compass Approach” a handbook to managing your business around the 4 points of the compass.

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