The Compass Approach

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The Compass Approach is based on a  book authored by John King, “The Compass ApproachSuccessfully Charting Your Business By the Compass“.

The book covers the key aspects associated with running an organization, whether it is a for-profit or non-profit. Using the four major points of the compass as a guide you will navigate:



North Business Strategy – how to develop and communicate strategies and goals along with gaining commitment within your organization

EastBusiness and Organizational Structure how to recognize the type of organizational structure that  is appropriate for your organization including the impact of change

South Processes, Systems and People – recognizing that processes are enabled by systems and people along with the need for team building, mentoring & coaching, and overall alignment

WestCustomers, Suppliers and Your Brand – recognizing the need for key customers and suppliers to understand your strategic direction and how they need to support it. Also a discussion on creating an innovation environment to avoid disruptive business events that can impact your bottom line.

Center Improved Results – covering the impact of following the four points of the compass to help you understand where you are and where you want to go to achieve your desired results.

In addition,  you’ll find:

  • Over two hundred individual “Compass Points to Ponder,” all of which will help you relate the content to your own organization
  • Tips for executives and managers who want to develop a better understanding of the “softer” management skills that can help you personally and your organization achieve improved results
  • Links to audio content on specific topics
  • A roadmap with describes the process and several of the analytical tools and processes available to you

The Compass Approach provides you a method to a navigate the triumphs and pitfalls of successful personal and team leadership to help build profitable extended relationships. Download a more detailed PDF description here.

Interested, contact John King for a complementary discussion on how The Compass Approach can help you achieve improved results personally and professionally. This book can be purchased in the following formats:

  • Hard Copy – Request through the button at the bottom of the page – Priced at $19.95 US shipping included for US Addresses.

[button link=”” bg_color=”#DB3B3E”]Contact us to arrange for a hard copy of The Compass Approach at a discounted price of $12.95 US shipping included for US Addresses![/button]

  • EBook Version is priced at $9.99 US plus applicable sales taxes

Video Interview:

Gale Heney of Haverhill Community Cable has a monthly program called Write Now. She conducted 2 half hour interviews discussing the content and writing of  The Compass Approach and the business philosophy behind it. This interview provides a good overview of the concepts behind The Compass Approach through the following  links:

Write it Now – Interview Session 1

Write It Now – Interview Session 2

The Compass Tune Up

The Compass Tune Up – an assessment offering where we help identify areas where you can achieve improved businesses results based on the concepts presented in The Compass Approach. This assessment can be followed up  with a personal coaching sessions as appropriate with the management team.

[button link=”” bg_color=”#DB3B3E”]Contact us to arrange for a discussion with John King on how The Compass Tune Up can help your business![/button]


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