There are hundreds of management books on the market place. From time to time, we will offer up specific recommendations on publications / topics that are related to the services that we offer.

Customer Loyalty

The Customer Loyalty Playbook

The Customer Loyalty Playbook – 12 Game Strategies to Drive Improved Results in Your Business by Jeri Quinn

Every business leader and his or her management team of a small midsize business needs to read this book as it discusses the “why” and “how” of customer loyalty. It discusses the importance of leadership, engaging employees and delivering a great customer experience. It contains case study examples and techniques to help your business foster a strong customer loyalty to achieve improved results.

Jeri Quinn is a recognized speaker, coach, consultant, and professional development expert focusing on small and mid size businesses.

Jeri also appeared on John King’s “Making Headway” podcast which can be accessed through the following link.

Customer Loyalty Podcast

Link to Amazon for The Customer Loyality Playbook

Goal Development

Power of Goals

The Power of Goals is a quick read of over 300 inspirational quotations that you can use as you are planning and developing your goals.

Link to Amazon for The Power of Goals


Improved Results

212 The Extra Degree212 degree The Extra Degree  – Applying one extra degree to the temperature of water means the difference between having something that is very hot to something that generates enough power to drive a machine. The author gives examples of how individuals and organizations have applied the extra degree concept to achieve improved results.

Link to Amazon for 212 Degrees 


Fail-Safe Leadership by Dr. David G. Mutchler and Linda L. Martin

Fail-Safe LeadershipWhat Is Fail-Safe Leadership About?

Leadership is the hottest topic in business today. Fail-Safe Leadership advances a results-based definition of leadership. It demonstrates how it’s possible to grow leaders quickly and how to align every individual’s work effort directly to the company’s vision and strategic plan in order to improve a company’s bottom line. A seasoned agent in the book industry has described the book as: “concise, reads well, sharp, and it is to the point.”


Dr. David G. Mutchler, President and CEO of Leadership Development Systems, LLC. Linda L. Martin founded Resource Associates Corporation. She spent over thirty-five years in the training and development field, personally working with clients in a wide range of business and industry, not-for-profit organizations, education, and government.

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A Common Sense Approach to Sustainability by Tammy Kohl

A Common Sense Approach to SustainabilityWhat is Sustainability?

Sustainability is an increase in productivity and/or reduction in consumed resources without compromising product or service quality, competitiveness, or profitability while helping to save the environment. This book provides a clear overview and a step-by-step guide to explaining how to combine environmental issues with business. Sustainability in a “common sense” approach. This book is instructive as well as enlightening.

Tammy Kohl is the President of Resource Associates Corporation (RAC). She joined RAC in 1986 and became president in January 2002. Tammy was assisted in this publication by several contributing authors who are RAC affiliates. These individuals brought their personal business experiences and provided their respective client engagements for the various case studies that are presented in this book.

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