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Video Podcasts: General Interest & The Voice of Business:

Included below are a series of videos developed in conjunction with the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce and other sources addressing different topics of interest for businesses. A brief description of each video is listed below along with the link to the video.

Voice of Business Show 9 –  Workbar with Jarrad Glennon

Host John King interviews Jarrad Glennon, Chief Growth Offices of Workbar a new membership based office space solution offering in the Boston area.  This solution provides meeting and workspace along with infrastructure to support individuals who are away from their office environment. Workbar Link

Voice of Business Show 8 – Rheebo Interview with Carl Norloff, JR

Host John King interviews Carl Norloff, Jr. Founder of Rheebo, a unique social media solution which is being released in the New England area. This solution allows organizations to build extended relationships through business communities as well as providing the ability to post once and share across multiple social media platforms.  Rheebo Link

 Voice of Business SHOW 7: Writing Non-Fiction Books

Host John King is joined by Kate Hannisian of Blue Pencil Consulting to share their respective experiences in writing non-fiction books. This video covers the process from:

  • developing an idea
  • creating a manuscript
  • selecting the right editor
  • preparing for printing with graphic designers
  •  converting to an ebook or audio book

In addition, they discuss the difference between using a publisher and self-publishing your work.


Writing Non-Fiction Books









Voice of Business SHOW 6: Business Legacy Strategies

As the Baby Boomers who are running smaller/midsize businesses decide to retire they need to determine what to do with their businesses. Their primary options are to transition to a new management team (family, current employees, outside third party), merge with a competitor or liquidate their business.  Aside from the financial aspects, there is a personal mental transitional aspect that needs to be address due to the owner’s separation from an activity that had previously defined him/her. Steve Vesey and Eric Bratt from Business Legacy Strategies join John King to discuss some of the challenges and strategies associated with developing a transitional approach for these business owners.

Show 6 logo

Business Legacy Strategies








Voice of Business SHOW 5: Chamber Programs and Coffee With The Coach – Time Strategies

A discussion on Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce programs and a series of tips on Time Strategies to help you be more effective in your work and personal life.


Headway Strategies Consulting, LLC - Time Management 04-22-2016 - Voice of Business






Coffee With The Coach – Time Strategies


REAL BUSINESS/REAL MONEY – Podcast Hosted By Michael Alden Interviewing John King on Success other Topics

Michael Alden conducted a wide ranging interview with John King on his podcast show “Real Business, Real Money”. The interview covered such topics as: defining success; overcoming professional obstacles, marketing approach, networking approach, handling stress, importance of education for young people starting in business and general business philosophy. Access to the video requires using the password: “bluevasemktg”.

Voice of Business SHOW 4: Lobster Fest at Lynch Park

beverly homecomingThe Lobster Fest is one of the many events that is scheduled during the 10 day Beverly, MA Homecoming celebration which occurs annually at the end of July and the 1st week of August. This year the Voice of Business toured Lynch Park, the location of the Lobster Fest, to talk with some of the business that were represented there.

Voice of Business SHOW 3: Impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Your Business


The ACA is something that has and will continue to have a significant impact to our business operations. However, the degree which it will is not completely understood by many. To help you understand the implications, we have two experts in the studio from Vesey &Weeks a CPA firm based in Danvers. Steve Vesey, Founding Partner of Vesey & Weeks CPA Firm which has been operation here on the North Shore since 1980 and Susan Weeks, Partner of Vesey & Weeks CPA Firm. Susan also serves on the Executive Board of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce

Voice of Business SHOW 2: Leslie Ray Hall of Fame Award Recognition


The Leslie Ray Hall of Fame Award is presented annually to an individual(s) who has demonstrated significant service to the community. Bill Hanney, Owner/Producer of Northshore Music Theatre and recent Recipient of Leslie Ray Hall of Fame award by the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce.

Voice of Business SHOW 1: #KEEPITLOCAL”


The Voice of Business is sponsored by the Beverly Chamber of Commerce which services Beverly, Danvers, Hamilton and Wenham, MA and is hosted by John King, President of Headway Strategies Consulting. The Voice of Business brings information about business related topics and special events in our area.

This session describes a campaign initiated by the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce called “#KeepItLocal”. The objective is to encourage people to support their local businesses when purchasing goods and services.