Business & Leadership Consulting

Business & IT Strategy Consulting and Leadership Development Services

This section provides additional details around the different Business Consulting and Leadership Services that are offered based on the specific needs of our customers. Each of our engagement is unique to our customer’s needs and the links provided he represent the base offering that can be configured to achieve the customer’s desired results.

Business and IT Strategy Consulting

Strategic Planning

Is your current strategic plan:Strategic Thinking Pymarid

  • Providing the results that you hoped it would?
  • Aligned with all functional areas across your organization
  • Providing direction for your IT department?
  • Shared and understood across your organization?
  • We assist you in creating a powerful plan that is easy to implement.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Thinking

As an Entrepreneur, have you been able to:

  • Shape and guide what you want your organization to be?
  • Develop the necessary tactical plans to accomplish your vision?

We can help you accomplish this through our Strategic Thinking offering to achieve the results you aspire to.

AlignmentInformation Technology Strategy Alignment

Is your current IT strategic plan:

  • Providing direction for your IT department?
  • Aligned with specific initiatives identified in the Strategic Plan to provide the value required?

We assist you in developing a close alignment between the business and technology plans.

The Compass ApproachThe Compass Approach

Is your business operating as with:

  • Corporate strategy and goals that are effectively communicated and embraced by your employees
  • Key Suppliers and Customers understand your business directions
  • Processes, systems and people in alignment with the business strategy and goals

The Compass Approach offers an holistic programs that can help achieve improved results for your business.


Leadership Development

executive collaborationExecutive Leadership

  • Are your executives driving your vision to your front line employees?
  • We work with your executive team so they are able to build collaborative teams that focus on getting the bottom line results.

Team LeadershipTeam Leadership

  • How many times has a super-worker been promoted to a supervisory level only to fail because they did not understand how to effectively manage their team?

We can develop your super-workers into super Team Leaders.

Sales staff developmentsales development

  • Do your salespeople understand the difference between closing a sale and building a long term relationship?

We can work with your staff to increase your sales.


Employee Attitude


  • How many of your employees quit a long time ago, but forgot to tell you?
  • How much productive time do you think you are losing due to employees who are disengaged?
  • How do get them to be re-engaged in the business?

We work with individuals in your organization to enhance their personal performance and attitude thereby enhancing your organization’s performance.

Customer Loyaltycustomer loyalty

  • Are you satisfied with your customer retention and growth metrics?
  • How well do you understand your customer base and their unique needs?

If you’re looking to build a loyal customer base, we can work with your team so that your current customers keep coming back… and they tell others about your organization!

Time Strategiestime

  • Ever wish you had more hours in the day?
  • Are you and your staff feeling overworked?
  • Have you been able to determine how to be effective for the 1440 minutes that you have to work with each day?

Time Strategies will help you get all of those items on your To Do List completed.