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Making Headway”, is a series of podcasts providing entrepreneurs, senior executives and managers of small and medium-size businesses and opportunity to learn about emerging or relevant topics that can impact their business. “Making Headway” is designed as an information exchange providing listeners information that they leverage in their own business. The host and the selected guests have deep experience in the subject matter around the topics presented.

In addition, listeners are encouraged to make requests for specific topics that they would like to have addressed on future shows. Based on the demand, the “Making Headway” team will work to find an appropriate Subject Matter Experts (SME) who can provide information on the requested topic.

Several of the recent shows have included:

  • Understanding the Importance of Time Strategies
  • A Common Sense to Business Sustainability
  • Achieving Results Through a Process Called Formula for Success
  • 10 Tips to Beef Up Your Website
  • Successfully Developing Organizational Goals
  • Successful Entrepreneurs Use Strategic Thinking
  • Star Model Business Strategy
  • ………. More to come

Check out our show list below for a more complete list of recent topics.

Come join us as we help our listeners make headway through developing a better understanding about current and emerging business issues and concerns. The “Making Headway” team looks forward to having you as a member of our ongoing listening audience.


Change is GoodChange is Good! – Successfully Achieving Change In Your Business

Making Headway’s host John King, President of Headway Strategies Consulting and guest Mark Connolly discusses how to successfully achieve change in your business.






Coaching LogoThe Effective Use of Business Coaching

Host, John King, President of Headway Strategies Consulting and guest Sallie Belle Davis of Davis Consulting discuss the effective use of Business Coaching to help individuals improve their personal goal achievement.


multi-generationalEPISODE 16

Multi-Generational Workplace Issues

John King, President of Headway Strategies Consulting, and guest Mark Connolly, former Partner with CSC discusses impact of multi-generational issues in the work place and how to address them.



Header Graphics -cmsChristine Dunn of ARCPoint Strategic Communication

Making Headway with host, John King, President of Headway Strategies Consulting, and guest Christine Dunn, President and Founder of ArcPoint Strategic Communications, discusses how telling your story through PR And Content Management strategies to effectively and efficiently achieve your business goals of the organization.



Supplemental Insurance – What You Need to Know For Your Small Business

Making Headway provides individuals, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers with information about emerging or current topics that could have a significant impact on their business and careers.


5-levels-of-sustainability-300x204EPISODE 13

Tammy Kohl on Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability focuses on how to accelerate profitability through aligning people and processes with the environment. This is a very relevant topic given all “green focus” that we see impacting our lives today.


Time-Strategies-BalanceEPISODE 12

Mark Connolly – Understanding the Importance of Time Strategies

Time Strategies are an important concept to embrace for individuals and businesses in our given our instantly technology  connected world.


Headway-Strategies-Consulting-LLC-Peabody-Area-Chamber-of-Commerce-09-18-14EPISODE 11

A Formula for Success

Mark Connolly and John King discuss an approach to achieving Improved Results through a process called a Formula for Success



Goal SettingMark Connolly – Successfully Developing Annual Organizational Goals

Mark and John discuss some of the differences between developing annual organizational goals for a larger organization and smaller organizations. Mark Connolly, formerly from CSC, shares his experience.



strategyJohn King and Rick Brutti on Successful Entrepreneur Strategy

John and Rick discuss the elements of a successful strategy development for a business.


images-4EPISODE 8

Mike Sperling and Mike Calabro – 10 Tips to Beef Up Your Website

Websites are a key component of your marketing plan; it is vital to keep up with the latest changes in technology and trends to make it relevant and efficient for your customers. As a result, this show discusses the top 10 ways for an organization can take to improve its website’s performance and relevance to its customers.


How-to-Boost-Customer-Loyalty-300x168EPISODE 7

Jeri Quinn on Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is a topic should be of interest to all business and organizations that want to maximize their customer satisfaction and loyalty for continued business sustainability.



Chamber of CommerceNetworking Through the Chamber of Commerce

 “Networking Through the Chamber of Commerce, or Why Join a Chamber of Commerce. All businesses and organizations should look at the benefits that the local chamber of commerce can bring to their organization. Deanne Healey, CEO of the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce and John Somes, Director of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce speak about how the chamber is structured, the benefits as well as some of the programs that are offered through their respective organizations.



SEOSEO and Online Marketing : The New Rules for Business

Hans Riemer, President of Market Vantage discusses several issues that business and organizations need to consider in order to maximize their online marketing potential.



Network MarketingMaryellen Duchesne of Smarter Solutions

Maryellen Duchesne discusses how Network Marketing can be a means for an individual to develop their own successful business.


Star-Model-300x225EPISODE 3

Vision and Approach – Introducing the Star Model Business Strategy

On this inaugural episode of Making Headway, host John King introduces the “Star Model” concept to describe key interrelated business areas that need to be working in concert for a successful business.



Logo(ol)Promo for the Making Headway Show

Initial Interview with John King describing his concept for the Making Headway Show on URBN.



Compass LogoIntroducing the Compass Board with Rick Brutti

John King and Rick Brutti discuss the Compass Board concept that Headway Strategies plans to introduce to the Boston business community.