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Headway Strategies offers a radically different approach that can be tailored to address your organization’s specific needs and concerns. This approach can provide you a significant return and value for your investment. Your organization’s biggest asset is your people. Our focus is helping the individuals of the organization do more of what they have already been trained to do. We help people discover and develop their potential by aligning with organizations to develop cultures where continuous improvement and stronger customer loyalty result in better bottom-line results!

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The Challenge: Today’s business environment has become more complex with radical changes to established practices, uncertainty, new rules & regulations, and increased customer demands. To address this changing environment if is first necessary to understand where your organization is relative to where is has to be to remain competitive and grow.

Our Approach: One of the first steps in any engagement is to understand where the organization is today and where it wants to be in the future. We have developed and have access to tools to help an organization assess where they are today and where they want to be in the future. Click on the Business Assessment Icon to learn more.


Strat & Leadership ConsultThe Challenge: Today’s business environment is constantly changing due to completion, disruptive events, government regulation. As a result it is essential that you develop the right strategy and have the necessary leadership to support and evolve as required.

Our Approach: We help organizations address the strategic and the tactical needs of the business at hand for non-profit and as well as for profit organizations. We can help in the development of your business strategy and it’s alignment with your supporting information technology and processes. We also can help through several leadership development programs to address needs at the Executive, Middle Management and Supervisor levels. Click on the Strategy and Leadership Consulting Icon to learn more.


Personal Assessments.jpgThe Challenge: Today more than ever before, organizations are seeking better ways to accurately assess an individual’s strengths for development to help ensure the retention of top people. It’s also critical to ensure for the organization to have the right people in the right positions doing the right things for the right reasons.

Our Approach: We provide proven tools to help individuals to understand: how they think and make decisions; their motivational style, and finally their preferred behavior style. Understanding these individual characteristics as part of a self-discovery process helps the individual  align with what they do best and why. Click on the Personal Assessment Icon to learn more.



The Challenge: Many organizations have discontinued coaching and mentoring programs for their employees. Also today’s economy has resulted in individuals changing jobs more frequently than before.

Our Approach: Our coaching program is customized to the individuals needs and budget and  provides individuals with the ability to understand areas where they need to focus their development in order to achieve their overall goals in their careers. Click on the Coaching Icon to learn more.


Youth Leadership The Challenge: In today’s competitive market, young people need to be adequately prepared in order to make the right choices and establish a direction that will carry them through their college years and their careers.

Our Approach: While it may seem unusual that a business consulting organization would offer a “Youth Leadership Program” as part of their core services. However, developing young people to have a goal focus approach with leadership capabilities can go a long way to providing future employees with desirable skills. This program is appropriate for middle school through college and contains much of the adult leadership program rewritten in to an age appropriate level and would be appropriate for high school and college interns. Click on the Youth Leadership Icon to learn more.